Activities/Porcelain Pirates at Zeeuws Museum, NL


11 Feb Solo Exhibition

Porcelain Pirates at Zeeuws Museum, NL

Extract form press release: SUPERFLEX - PORCELAIN PIRATES In 2009 the Zeeuws Museum is exploring the significance of local identity in an international context. Important themes within this project are how a collection is formed, expanded and how it can serve as a source of inspiration. How can a museum use its collection in new ways and make it accessible to the public? How can the collection inspire you? What does the collection reflect local identity? And how do you deal with copyright issues? The museum has posed these questions to the Danish artists’ collective SUPERFLEX. Following a year of research they will present their findings in an exhibition in the autumn. With their work SUPERFLEX offer a razor-sharp critique of contemporary society. They Make use of the opportunities the art world affords them in order to denounce it. SUPERFLEX have exhibited at the Venice Biennale (2003), the Taipei Biennial (2008), the Louisiana Museum near Copenhagen, the Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel and the Kunsthalle Basel.

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