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31 Oct Group Exhibition

The Cockroach
SUPERFLEX participate in the group show RETHINK KAKOTOPIA at Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen with a new work that involves the audience to be hypnotized to become a cockroach.

Press release from Kunsthallen Nikolaj:

Artists: Eric Andersen (DK), Lise Autogena (DK) & Joshua Portway (UK), Bill Burns (CA), Haubitz + Zoche (DE), The Icelandic Love Corporation (IS), Tue Greenfort (DK), Tea Mäkipää (FI), Cornelia Parker (UK), Ruri (IS), SUPERFLEX (DK) and Fiona Tan (ID)

RETHINK – Contemporary Art & Climate Change is an exhibition of 30 works by noted Nordic and international contemporary artists, each in their way relating to the cross field of art, culture and climate change.

The exhibition has come into being as a collaboration of the National Gallery of Denmark, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, and The Alexandra Institute, in which each is represented with its particular part of the overall exhibition: RETHINK Relations, RETHINK The Implicit, RETHINK Climate Information og RETHINK Kakotopia – the latter being Nikolaj's contribution.

Kakotopia was the term used by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham to describe a negative state of society, an anti-utopia characterized by chaos and disintegration. At the beginning of the 21st century, mankind, due to climate changes, finds itself in a state in which a change of the conditions for life on our planet seems to become ever clearer. The exact consequences are uncertain and highly debated; but many things seem to indicate that they may be extensive. RETHINK Kakotopia takes this very kakotopia as its point of departure: a situation in which faith in technological solutions wrestles with apocalyptic visions, drawing on deeply rooted fantasies of disaster.

Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, has invited a number of artists to formulate reflections on the recognition which, during the last decade, in a different manner than ever before has questioned the ability of the human species to survive. Will our psyche and socio-economic systems be capable of grasping and responding to this challenge? Obviously, the artists cannot offer actual solutions to these problems – but they present us with images that may serve as tools for reflection, debate, awareness – and action.


Info and contact for the Kunsthallen Nikolaj:
Nikolaj Plads 10
1067 Copenhagen
Tagged: climate, hypnosis

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