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08 Sep Review

Frieze on Collect to Win at 5th Berlin Biennial
From Frieze Magazine website

Extract form Frieze Magazine:

...For the final night of the biennale, a crowd gathered outside KW Institute for a prize draw presented by the Danish group SUPERFLEX for a ‘trip for two to Zanzibar’. SUPERFLEX had invited Francesca von Habsburg – both a collector and a commissioner of art – to share some anecdotes on corruption in the art world, but echoes of the event’s title, ‘Collect to Win’, haunted the collector’s earnest, unstructured ramble. Following that, the evening’s token non-art representative, Jesse Garcia of Transparency International, a global commission against corruption, was invited to select the winning entry.

This dubious prize draw, coupled with undertones of corruption, turned the final night of the biennale into a dodgy scenario in which everyone seemed to be implicated. Who is really regulating the profession of art? And how would the art world begin to fight corruption amongst its own, if we could even recognize it?

By Christy Lange


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