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01 Apr Group Exhibition

Copyshop Franchise
Copyshop street sign exhibited next to Franchise invitation - Photo: Anders Sune Berg
For the exhibition Radical Software SUPERFLEX decided to present Copyshop as a franchise model inviting others to make their own Copyshops. Together with the Franchise statement the street sign from the Copyshop in Copenhagen was present.

The exhibition was curated by Will Bradley



We invite you to join the COPYSHOP community. This means that you can open a local branch of COPYSHOP in your town or city. Your franchise of COPYSHOP can offer the same products as the other branches, as well as producing new ones that others can copy and sell. This way you can give back to the community just as you take from the community. This is how all good ideas work.

What is a COPYSHOP?
A COPYSHOP has a graphic identity, the logo and the colors, but it is defined more by the kind of products and activities it embraces and initiates. The products can be directly modified originals, reworked imitations, or can point in a more subtle way to wider economic or political conflicts and confrontations. They can be homemade, mass-produced or limited editions. At the same time COPYSHOP can be a micro-cinema, a bar, an exhibition space, a workshop or whatever the community sees fit to use it for. It's really up to you.

Franchised we stand, divided we fall!
Challenging the empire of intellectual property is not always an easy task. Because the empire will strike back. By joining forces in the community we can develop products and ideas with greater impact, and imitate and improve what has already been developed. We can produce on larger scales and always rely on the support and experience of our fellow COPYSHOPs.

How do I join?
If you are up for the challenge and want to start up your own COPYSHOP, please contact us, and we’ll tell you all about it.

We look forward to meeting you!

COPYSHOP is initiated by SUPERFLEX and Copenhagen Brains in 2005

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