Activities/Superchannel / Supereukabeuk TV, Chiang Mai Museum


10 Apr Development

Superchannel / Supereukabeuk TV, Chiang Mai Museum
Photo: Superflex
Uthit, director of CMU Art Center, together with a group of others, including Kamin, has been experimenting for several years now with “Eukabeuk”, a self-made definition for art and cultural activities. These experiments are often organised as open platforms for participation and exchange, e.g., opening a marketplace, an open air theatre/film site, midnight debates at local universities, etc. Uthit is interested in offering an independent media production facility for organisations in Chiang Mai, and SUPERFLEX agreed to open a channel/studio in the museum. The first three months were used to present various craftsmen, cultures and indigenous groups.
The studio design was by SUPERFLEX: 3 mobile wooden platforms measuring 300 x 300 cm (black, orange, white), the walls and floor covered with bamboo mats. T-shirts were produced with the logo of the SUPEREUKABEUK channel printed on top of locally sold T-shirts with images of popular figures or Thai icons such as Che Guevara, Thai elephants, Osama bin Laden, the King of Thailand, and so on.

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