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01 Apr Launch

Supergas at The Land
Photo: Superflex
Initiated in 1998, the land was the merging of ideas by different artists to cultivate a place of and for social engagement.

The land is located in proximity to the village of Sanpatong, a twenty minutes drive from the center of the provincial capital Chiang Mai. As some rice farmers are having difficult times in the area, due to the levels of floods and high water level, rice farming has not been very productive. Because of this, some rice fields in the area have been offered for development, as the rice farmers are looking to find better areas for the fields.

Though initially the action to aquire the rice fields were initiated by artists Kamin Lerdchaprasert and Rirkrit Tiravanija. The land was to be cultivated as an open space, though with certain intentions towards community, towards discussions and towards experimentation in other fields of thoughts.

There is no electricty or water, as it would be problematic, in terms of land development in the area. As it is not the intention to develop the land for any value intrensic to land development, the lack of such ammenities, was a simple solution from such development. There will be development and experimentations to use natural renewable resources as sources for electric and gas. Supergas is using the land as a lab for the development of the biogas system. The gas produced will initially be used for the stoves in the kitchen, as well as lamps for light.
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