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01 Apr Launch

Superchannel / 3M
Photo: Superflex
The third TV channel of Morocco - 3M, is situated at Villa Maria one hours drive from Turin, Italy. The studio is run and organised by a group of young immigrants from Morocco. 3M is a reference to the national Moroccan TV channel 2M.
The 3M was initiated after an invitation from the Big Torino 2002 Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane. The project is a collaboration between SUPERFLEX and Christoffer Emil Ellerbæk Bruun.

“Abandoned minors. Second generation immigrant minors.
The European Union Council resolution, approved on June 26th 1997, established that an unaccompanied foreign minor is: 
‘A child who is neither an Italian citizen nor a citizen of any other European Union member-state, who has not applied for asylum, and is for unknown reasons in the country. They are neither assisted nor represented by their parents or by other adults who are, according to Italian law, legally responsible for them.’
3M has become a communal living space for young Moroccan children and SUPERFLEX."
Statement by Sued Bewkhdim

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