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03 Dec Development

Aragorn Mayor of Karlskrona2

My name is Martin Algo, but in K2 I am Aragorn. I am 16 years old and started to use K2 two years ago. Actually on the 23rd of June 2000 at 23:02 :-) I found the project very interesting and also it was free, which is very rare for virtual spaces. Anyway I continued using K2. On December the 3rd 2001 I was elected the second Mayor of K2 after Kimster. My task as mayor is to keep track of what is happening and to keep things in order. I clean up objects that are not functioning and I run the meetings. And I help those who need help. Right now I am busy with my assignment in school – it has to go well so I can get in to high school. But soon it's summer vacation and I can start to be more active in K2 again :-) /Martin

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