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30 Mar Group Exhibition

Superchannel / o VER channel/ The Kitchen Magazine Station
Photo: Superflex
o VER channel/ The Kitchen Magazine Station, in collaboration with Rirkrit Tiravanija, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany, March 2001.

Kitchen studio/ Germania, collaboration with Rirkrit Tiravanija, Palazzo della Papesse, Siena, Italy, February 2001.

A mixture of Wolfsburg2 and SUPERCHANNEL/o VER channel. The intention was to have citizens from Siena exchange with the large Italian community in Wolfsburg using the Wolfsburg2 and the o VER channel as their common platform. In Siena 
students from the Media Academy situated in the Palazzo della Papesse were asked to design the studio using the same building methods as in the Wolfsburg2 tool. In the Kunstverein Wolfsburg a copy of the room (the kitchen studio at the Palazzo) was the frame for the project. Both institutions agreed to produce shows and exchange these, but only the Kunstverein Wolfsburg produced shows (3 in total).

Footnote: this project made SUPERFLEX realise that an active tool like the SUPERCHANNEL cannot rely on an activity source only from the institutions, that it is necessary to have committed partners with a specific reason for participation and continuation beyond representation: “Make sure that the tool can also work as a model without being activated.”
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