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01 Apr Release

Superchannel / Coronation Court
Coronation Court
Coronation Court - Liverpool's oldest tower block. Located in a Liverpool suburb, some seven miles from the city centre. Ten floors high, with ninety residents in 104 dwellings, linked by labyrinthine corridors and stairwells. Whilst some people think the block is ugly, cumbersome and inaccessible, those who live their are passionate about their home.

The site is about to undergo a major refurbishment, and its occupants will move out temporarily to other sites around the city. When the Housing Action Trust first discussed this redevelopment, one of the primary concerns that residents had was to keep the community together. This has been the impetus for a partnership between FACT's Collaboration Programme and the HAT that will create a series of new media projects with tenants.

Coronation Court is now the site of the UK's first Superchannel, involving tenants in producing shows about their lives, their homes and their community for global broadcast - from debates about the future of high-rise living to online, from campaigns for tenant rights to tea dances. More importantly than this, the Superchannel presents residents with a set of new media tools with which to maintain and develop their community links and to influence decision-making about their future.

The HAT and FACT are now working together to get each of Liverpool's remaining tower blocks onto the web, so that Coronation Court will be just one community within a larger online community. Eventually each block will have its own web-cast facilities, so this Superchannel will be a prototype, the communications model for every tower block in the city.

Superchannel/Coronation Court is a project by SUPERFLEX and Sean Treadway. Commissioned by FACT in partnership with Liverpool HAT the Arts Council of England's New Media Projects and Arts for Everyone Scheme, Danish Contemporary Art Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust and Millennium Festival Fund.

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