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01 Feb Launch

A Ferry named SUPERFLEX Bravo

During a trip to Sweden the name SUPERFLEX was decided.

"...when we were coming back from Sweden and were travelling on the ferry from Sweden to Denmark. It was a big industrial ferry which at that time was the cheapest way to get from Sweden to Denmark. The ferry was called ‘SUPERFLEX Bravo’ and all the sailors were running around with their SUPERFLEX Bravo logos all over their overalls, it was like a uniform. We laughed a lot about that, it was very funny. You can also find the name ‘SUPERFLEX’ on toothpastes, protein pills, it’s all over, it’s a very common name.

it’s like a description, if you want to make something which sounds scientific without saying what is really in it. But the way it was founded was not, “Let’s found a conceptual, ecological artists’ group with a company name.” We never thought that."

Quote from TOOLS, p.286

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