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13 Sep - 13 Nov Public Art

Western Rampart commissioned by KØS

The new film work 'Western Rampart' is commisioned by KØS - Museet for Kunst i det offentlige rum, Køge, Denmark. Western Rampart will be a part of the public art group exhibition Transit which opens 13th September and runs until 10th February 2019. Western Rampart will be on display at the newly build station bridge at Køge train station. 
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The film is set in the area of Vestvolden ("Western Rampart" in Danish), in which the 14 km rampart complex south west of Copenhagen was built between 1888 and 1892. As one of the last fortification systems of the city against foreign invasion and the largest, yet unfinished, construction project of its time in Denmark, it has been obsolete since World War I.

As a combination of visual and narrative poetry, magic realism and documentarism, Western Rampart is a tale featuring a gigantic Amanita muscaria mushroom in discussion with the revived Western Rampart. Through the existential conversation, two perspectives are opposed. While the rampart embodies the necessity of borders and walls for survival; the mushroom advocates for constant motion and circulation as everything is meant to continuously transform to thrive.

Shifting between view points the imagery of the film features perspectives from ultra slow motion, macro shots of animated nature to overviews depicting the largeness of the rampart construction. Western Rampart comes with a sound design that underlines the conflicting positions of being inside and outside, convinced and confused, firm and fluid.

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