Activities/The Liquid State is one of ArtReview's Top Summer Shows


04 Jul Review

The Liquid State is one of ArtReview's Top Summer Shows

A more strictly scientific motif also provides the conceit for Danish collective SUPERFLEX’s exhibition, One Year Project – THE LIQUID STATE, over at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. Using the keywords ‘cultivation’, ‘fermentation’ and ‘transformation’, the group, whose work exposes and manipulates social systems and financial frameworks, proposes to create artworks that function as experimental devices that model and perhaps shape the museum’s relationship to its visitors. In other words, to express the museum’s purpose and function. Among the works on display is The Fermentation Act (2016), an installation that produces kombucha (a fermented tea drink said to originate in ancient Mongolia and to have health benefits); the action of visitors expelling carbon dioxide through breathing in turn fuels the microorganisms that ferment the tea.

– Nirmala Devi, ArtReview Asia, Summer 2016

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