Activities/Art Slant talks about KWASSA KWASSA in their review of MB6


09 Mar Review

Art Slant talks about KWASSA KWASSA in their review of MB6
Photo: Superflex

Art Slant writes about SUPERFLEX' short film KWASSA KWASSA MB6: 'Tapping into the global refugee crisis, Kwassa Kwassa (meaning “an unstable boat”) is a 2015 short film by Danish art collective SUPERFLEX. The film follows a group of boat builders on the island of Anjouan, part of the Comoro Islands, off Africa’s southeastern coast. The fiberglass boats are used to carry migrants to Mayotte, a former French colony island which became a part of France again in 2014 after a 2009 referendum which voted in favor of the decision. Today it’s the outermost region of the European Union. Once the migrants arrive on the island, they hope to become European citizens and create a better life. However, over 10,000 people have died making the dangerous 70-kilometer journey. The film is narrated by a man speaking Comorian (with subtitles), who says if Africans never came to Europe, there would be no Europe. “Imagine you could enter Europe by crossing the sea, it is magic but not allowed,” he said. The story is left open-ended with an empty boat floating in the middle of the ocean.'

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