Activities/Sculpture Odense 14: Still Waters Run Deep


20 Jun - 21 Sep Group Exhibition

Sculpture Odense 14: Still Waters Run Deep

From June 21 to September 21, an extensive sculpture exhibition will infiltrate the centralpart of Odense.

It will not only take place in Eventyrhaven as it used to. This summer it also makes its way through the backyards and squares of the city centre and all the way to the spring of the Odense River. 20 of the most significant artists from the Danish and international art scene have created sculptures for the city. Thesculptures indicate a route through different ages, moods and lorntions. Spanning from the mythological to the contemporary, SCULPTURE ODENSE creates an experience based on the hidden layers anddimensions of space and time that co-exist in the fairy tale city.

Still Waters Run Deep takes the shapes of the city where immaterial values and moods mix with specific experiences, as its starting point. Traces, feelings, forgotten times, dramas and perceptions suddenly stand out when the sculptures make their entry in Odense.

The exhibition is curated by Charlotte Sprogøe and presented by Odense’s most significant art institutions:City of Odense Art Foundation, Brandts, Funen Art Academy, Guest Studio Hollufgård, Funen Graphic Workshop and Odense City’s Department of Culture and Urban Development.Still Waters Run Deep presents: A Kassen, Nanna Abell, Ib Agger, Nina Beier, Gustav Bisgaard, Mikkel Carl, David Douard, FOS, Simon Fujiwara, Tue Greenfort, Tiril Hasselknippe, Katrine Stensgaard Jensen, Eleonora Korobitsyna, Jiri Kovanda, Katti Pärkson Kull, Gabriel Kuri, Søren Nielsen, Mathias & Mathias, Myken McDowell, Jette Hye Jin Mortensen, Annesofie Sandal, SUPERFLEX, Theis Wendt & Oscar Erik Yran. 

SUPERFLEX participates with the work "Lost Money", it will be installed at Vestergade 64 infront of the Bank Nordea Headquarter in Odense.

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