Activities/Examples to follow / Exemplos a seguir! in Sao Paulo


21 Feb - 07 Apr Group Exhibition

Examples to follow / Exemplos a seguir! in Sao Paulo

Memorial da America Latina

Galeria Marta Traba
Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade
664 - Barra Funda
Sao Paulo 01156-001, Brazil

Excerpts from curatorial statement:

Examples to follow! expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability

The finiteness of our energy reserves, the impending climate change, the shrinking of biodiversity have deeply penetrated and alarmed public consciousness even before the failed world climate summit in Copenhagen and the subsequent one in Cancun, where “nothing but compromises” (Frankfuter Allgemeine Zeitung) were reached. After these summits, the question of the possibility for individual action is even more urgent. 

We need visions of a sustainable life that interconnect with the sensuality, lust and passion of acting on our own. examples to follow! intends to encourage this and to move the cultural and aesthetic dimension of sustainability into the awareness of the senses, thus counteracting the visible erosion of the term. The exhibition aims at raising awareness for the fact that a constructive sustainability cannot make do without the arts and sciences. It needs to learn from them how to think in transitions, interim solutions, models, and projects.

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