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31 Aug Review

Art Fag City on Mærsk - The Opera
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Upstairs SUPERFLEX’s Mærsk – The Opera, proved a highlight. The piece itself is simply annotated sheet music that’s been framed—no recording exists yet—but boy is it ever beautiful. That’s just the nature of sheet music.

The real pull of this piece however isn’t any object, but the music itself, which chronicles the debate over the Copenhagen Opera House and the Danish tycoon who funded it, Arnold Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller. The controversy centered around two main issues: the tragic design compromises that were made as a result of Møller’s deeply held desire for legacy, and the tax breaks the philanthropist received for a flawed building. The story includes all kinds of golden nuggets, including anecdotes about Møller’s supposed disinterest in opera (he liked country and western music), and his decision to make all the toilets in the building smaller than the standard size to better suit his wife’s petite figure.

I know it sounds a little strange to rave about an opera I’ve not yet heard, but there are so many thoughtful details to the piece, I can’t help but get excited. I’m told parts of the opera sound like they were written by Henry Mancini, the composer best known for The Pink Panther. Then there’s the debates with the avant garde, which apparently sound quite abstract. A music type here in America needs to download this music from the SUPERFLEX website and perform it so we all can experience the piece first-hand.

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