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17 Apr Solo Exhibition

SUPERFLEX / SUPERSHOW / Kunsthalle Basel
Photo: Stefan Meier © Kunsthalle Basel, 2005

The Kunsthalle Basel is proud to present the SUPERFLEX/ SUPERSHOW. For some time now, the three artists have been preoccupied with the notion of surplus value: how does it come about, and what mechanisms influence it? Based on the fact that art museums and institutions in the 1990s became more and more like brand-names, or are perceived as such, the artists aim to explore the surplus value of the Kunsthalle. The art institution will be examined from the same economic and social viewpoints as the "Nike" or "Ikea" brands. Throughout its history, the Kunsthalle Basel has already gone through various identity-seeking stages which have been orchestrated by different directors/curators. Last year, after comprehensive refurbishment the Kunsthalle assumed a whole new image once again.With "SUPERSHOW - more than a show", SUPERFLEX will subject the Kunsthalle to a precise analysis and demonstrate to the visitors the increase in the immaterial value of the institution since its beginnings. The "Kunsthalle factor" will be defined by different experts, whose economic and political perspectives will be presented in the exhibition. The "Kunsthalle factor" will be calculated based on the average difference between the former value of the exhibited artworks and their current market value. The Kunsthalle’s surplus value, however, is not solely determined by economic standards. For this reason, SUPERFLEX will also expose the institution’s ideal value. The focal point of the artists" attention will be the audience: the visitors will become both the subject and the producers of the SUPERSHOW. The exhibition itself is to be a "value escalation machine" in which the visitors assume an active role and produce a surplus value. This dynamic process can provide the "Kunsthalle" brand with further definitions.

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