Activities/Karlskrona2 - What if? at Moderna Museet


10 Jul Group Exhibition

Karlskrona2 - What if? at Moderna Museet
Photo: Superflex

SUPERFLEX used their invitation to the exhibition as an opportunity to present K2 to possible cooperation partners. They showed an animation, a comic strip, and texts about the project. Additionally they presented the system, Active World, to show the technology they are using for K2, plus a first version of K2 (beta version) and a video interview with the Mayor (Mats Johansson) about his expectations for K2. Footnote: In the meantime Tesch & Tesch, an IT ad company, had contacted SUPERFLEX. The ad company had read about the project in NU: (Nordic art review) magazine. They suggested setting up a link with Telia, because the latter is one of their clients. Tesch & Tesch proposed to Telia a different way of promoting their products; they saw some possibilities in SUPERFLEX’ K2. Tesch & Tesch chose K2 in order to focus on a project which uses cutting edge technology in a visionary way. The ad campaign was put in newspapers, magazines and the internet for 14 days. Alongside the campaign the first working version of K2 was launched. There were thousands of visitors to K2 
during the first month.

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