Activities/Supercity / Karlskrona2/Utrecht2


29 Jul Group Exhibition

Supercity / Karlskrona2/Utrecht2
Photo: Superflex
In March 1999 SUPERFLEX presented K2 at the Casco Gallery in Utrecht. On this occasion they also proposed a ‘Utrecht2’.

In addition to the K2 presentation (including images, comic strips, animation), plans for a new urban area in Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn) were presented. This included visual material and a video made by local city planners describing their vision for Leische Rijn. During the installation of the project several meetings with planners took place, discussing the idea of a Utrecht2. Computer games like Sim City and Active World, which could be used by the visitors, were also presented in the gallery. Screen prints from browsers were fixed on the walls (e.g. Virtual Paris, Virtual Amsterdam).

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