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The Parley

The Parley is a short film made for the exhibition SUPERFAKE/THE PARLEY. The film shows an reenactment of Frederic Remington’s (1861-1909) painting The Parley. Filmed in the dessert of Arizona the film seeks to find and use the original landscape of Remington’s scenography in his paintings. Even though Remington lived most of his life in New York, he both lived in and made trips to the Wild West through his life. He’s thought to be the most popular painter and illustrator of Wild West pictures in his time.

The film reenacts The Parley and makes the painting into a 3D experience — The Parley was set to be examined by ASU and SUPERFLEX after several rumors about the painting being a fake.

Phantom flex at 1000 fps, stereo sound.
Duration: 12 min
Year: 2016

Director of Photography - Andrew Truong
Steadicam Operator - Scott Baker
1st AC - Nick Forte
Phantom Technician - Sean Gearing
Sound Designer - Adam Sanborne
Editor - MOSSS
Colorist - MOSSS

Film still

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