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Al data til folket

In collaboration with: Rasmus Koch Studio
Year: 2014

In English: All data to the people

Data is power!

In a world where movements, transactions and relations are constantly registered and analysed the access to data is equal to power. This data is in many ways the definition of our identity; We are who we are registered as. With Al data til folket we would like to point out this asymmetry in the current access to data or in other words, the right to information and distribution of power we are experiencing.

Al data til folket was created and realised as part of Holbæk ART 2014, an open air art museum curated by John Kørner and can be seen at Kalundborgvej 8, Holbæk.

Mural, 420 x 420 cm, acrylic paint.

Designed in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio and executed by Københavns Skiltefabrik.

Photo: Superflex

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